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How to Properly Book an Escort in Hong Kong

by on April 29, 2014, under

The following are a few tips when you book the services of an escort in Hong Kong. Remember that these are general rules of thumb that everyone in the business understands. There is more to it than just booking escort services and there are unwritten rules that everyone should be aware of.

Tip #1 – Book an Appointment Only for Yourself or for a Group

You can actually book the escort services for yourself only. But remember that you can also hire the services of several Hongkong escorts when you have a group encounter in mind. However, never book an escort saying that you’re the only customer when in fact you intend to have other people join you too.

Tip #2 – Set the Expectations

Certain expectations should be set when people book an escort service in Hong Kong. The service provider may require you to provide a contact number. This number is expected to be a fixed land line and not a cellphone. However, if you can’t provide the number for the hotel you are staying in then ju…