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How to Observe Proper Etiquette when Booking an Escort

by on April 29, 2014, under

Everyone should remember that escorts in Hong Kong are people too. They’re professionals and they too have concerns just like you do. That is why there are certain rules on proper etiquette when dealing with an escort.

The concerns of every Hong Kong escort include more than just security. They are also concerned about abusive clients. Believe or not, they also worry about the local laws.

Another thing that they usually want to keep in mind is being in control of the situation. The meet-up between escort and client is a professional encounter. They are the ones offering professional services. And this definitely includes being able to conceal their real life identities.

Things to Do at First Contact

Since there is a client-service provider relationship involved, the matter of payment should be resolved upon initial contact. If you hired the escort service online, then the necessary fees may have been paid online. However, there are also chances that the payments ough…