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Hong Kong Escort Services FAQ

by on April 29, 2014, under

Escort services actually take their roots from feudal Japan. It is unfortunate that mass media has depicted escorts in Hong Kong as nothing more than whores in modern society. However, in reality they are just like any other professional with their particular expertise in their field. The information below will try to answer the most basic questions about Hong Kong escorts.

Why Hire Escort Services

It should be emphasized that escort services aren’t there for prostitution. In fact, these two are mutually exclusive. A certain part of the services of an escort agency may look like it but it actually isn’t prostitution per se.

In fact, escort services may not even involve any form of sex at all. Escort services can be provided for companionship purposes only. Sometimes it can turn out to be a form of therapy for some people who are going through a rough time in their lives.

Escorts in Hong Kong are also seen as professionals. Yes, the country has very prolific red light